Charity Work

Leightons HearingCare supports All Ears Cambodia, a charity set-up in Phnom Penh by British Audiologist, Glyn Vaughan.

Leightons is doing what we can to help - by helping to send out supplies of hearing aid batteries, second hand hearing aids, and where possible new digital hearing aids.

All Ears Cambodia is a charity providing a unique medical service in a country torn by years of war.  During the genocidal regime of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, over 90% of doctors were executed, died or left the country.  It's a sad fact that there are now two million Khmers suffering from deafness, largely due to exploded land mines, and half of them are children. The damaged caused by this hearing loss can be life-shattering.  Manylive in abject poverty in rural areas where chronic ear disease is so widespread it is regarded as normal. All Ears Cambodia believes that over half of these cases could have been prevented.

The All Ears Clinic in Phnom Penh is open every weekday and provides healthcare and audiology services, which includes the fitting of hearing aids for anyone in need of help.  The team reach international standards when treating ear disease, using advanced examinations, and even special hearing tests for babies. All Ears provides a complete range of hearing aids for all types of hearing losses.

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All Ears also works in hospitals and special clinics and through its Outreach programme.  Through its Education Programme it provides training for student clinicians and a range of educational materials for the general public.Charitable donations of hearing aids are greatly received and can really help to change a life.

Hearing is so fundamental, it connects us to the world, and often take it for granted. We forget that hearing is the means by which we develop speech and language needed to communicate our thoughts and ideas. So by helping to support All Ears Cambodia with hearing aids, digital hearing aids and hearing aid batteries, Leightons hopes to make a small difference to some of the hardest hit.  If you would like to know more, please go to

  • If you wish to help All Ears Cambodia by donating old hearing aids or digital hearing aids that are no longer being used, or if you would like to know more please contact Leightons on 01252 823400.