Wireless Hearing Aids


Wireless hearing aids offer an ideal example of how new technology can improve hearing and hearing aids.

Bluetooth wireless digital hearing aids can communicate with each other binaurally, whilst also communicating with other electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and iPods; the benefits are:

· unprecedented hearing performance

· convenient control

· easy access to modern communication and entertainment systems

· Bluetooth connectivity with your mobile phone which allows direct calls to your ears, hands-free phoning and a clear signal in both ears

· Easy listening to TV and Telephone landline with Oticon Connectline or Phonak Voiis

With so many features and benefits, only a demonstration will enable you to fully appreciate these remarkable new digital hearing aids. At Leightons, we offer these demonstrations free of charge.

See Oticon Agil, Oticon Epoq, Oticon Dual Connect, Phonak Exelia or Phonak Versata for more information on wireless digital hearing aids.

Read more about the latest hearing aids that incorporate wireless technology such as Vigo Connect and Phonak Audéo SMART.

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