Oticon Hearing Aids

Denmark-based Oticon is the second largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. The 100+-year-old company is at the forefront of innovations and technological advancements in hearing aids. Oticon hearing aids offer some of the most advanced digital technology and cutting edge design available in the world today.

Oticon is known for their smart hearing aids, which are designed to support the way your brain works. So their hearing aids not only help you understand speech better, but also maintain sound quality. Oticon's hearing aids also come equipped with wireless connectivity. The company produces various styles of hearing aids, constantly carrying out research and development to bring better products to the market.

Oticon's Alta is the latest offering, which streams the most natural sounds to your ear and enhances your understanding of speech. It amplifies sound with high fidelity, capturing the nuances of speech with crystal clarity. Alta reproduces sound bytes faithfully so that what you hear is free from distortion.

Another popular product is the Intigai, which is designed to be an invisible hearing solution. It is specially shaped to fit inside the ear canal comfortably and stay out of sight. Intigai uses the natural curvature of the ear to capture sound in the same way that your ears are designed to do. As Intigai fits invisibly in the ear, you can use all devices such as telephones, TV and iPods quite comfortably.

If you suffer from severe to profound hearing loss, Oticon's Chili is designed especially for you, to bring you a better and richer sound experience. Chili is quite powerful and can pick up sounds, even in noisy environments, and amplify them for you without destroying their natural details, such as the pitch and tone. This will help you to focus clearly and have a conversation without any hesitation.

We at Leightons Hearing Care work closely with Oticon, to provide our audiologists with complete training on the various Oticon digital hearing aids, so that they are equipped with all the information on features and benefits. Book an appointment at one of our hearing care centres to learn more about Oticon's products and find out whether they are the right fit for you. Our fully trained and qualified audiologists will assess your requirements and lifestyle, and help you choose the hearing aids that suit you best.

We not only carry out a free hearing test and assessment, but we also provide a free hearing aid demonstration, as a standard practice. You can try the various styles of Oticon digital hearing aids and make an informed decision about your purchase. We also offer a thirty-day, full money back guarantee on all Oticon hearing aids, plus they come with warranties and full aftercare services.

Give us a call on 0800 40 20 20 and talk to our Hearing Care Experts about your requirements. Or drop by at your local Leightons Hearing Care branch and get a free demonstration of Oticon hearing aids.