Oticon Intiga

Oticon Intiga - The World's Smallest* Fully Wireless Hearing Device

Designed to be totally unnoticeable, Intiga is the smallest and most beautiful Oticon RITE (Receiver in the Ear) Hearing Aid. Intiga delivers the most uncompromising performance. Beauty & Brain, Intiga has it all.



Oticon Intiga is designed to meet the specific needs of users who are looking for a non-traditional hearing instrument: discreet, small and easy to handle. Being a full featured RITE hearing instrument Oticon Intiga is suitable for all types of hearing losses within the mild and moderate ranges. It is built upon the newest and well-known audiology and technology with the overall aim of immediate acceptance and immediate benefit in quiet and noise.  Intiga comes in three performance levels for different requirements: Intiga 10, 8 and 6.

Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids

Oticon Intiga 10 - is the full featured premium solution for clients seeking better understanding in difficult listening situations and clear spatial sound throughout the day and who request comfort features. Intiga 10 is also the choice for clients who enjoy high music fidelity whether listening the traditional way or by using wireless streaming with Connect[+]. The10kHz fitting bandwidth combined with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Premium [+] makes Intiga 10 the ultimate choice.

Oticon Intiga 8 - is the versatile solution for those requesting the benefits of well established and proven instrument technology. In addition to advanced directionality and noise management technologies, Intiga 8 applies binaural synchronisation to provide a balanced and stabilized listening experience. With 8 kHz fitting bandwidth, full connectivity and AI Advanced [+], Intiga 8 offers a reliable choice.

Oticon Intiga 6 - provides the essentials of modern hearing care in the same discreet and comfortable housing. Fundamental features and full connectivity through ConnectLine makes Intiga 6 a good affordable choice.

Designed to deliver immediate acceptance & immediate benefits the subtle, petal-shaped shell rests in the shadow at the top of your ear, away from prying eyes. And the transparent tubing is thin enough to virtually disappear against your skin.Inside Intiga, fully automatic functionality means the customer won't have to fiddle with switches and draw unnecessary attention to themselves. With 10 different colours including hair and skintones, Oticon Intiga offers the customer the freedom to tread softly or boldly into the world of better hearing.

Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids

*Compared to available behind-the-ear hearing solutions with binaural processing & streaming capabilities.


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Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids

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