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Invisible Hearing Aid - the new Intigai from Oticon

9 March 2012

Oticon Intigai Medium Size Banner

Leightons HearingCare are proud to work with some of the world's most innovative hearing aid manufacturers. Every year technology develops, and miniaturization enables hearing aid design to become smaller and smaller. CC

Oticon's most invisible hearing solution ever. Oticon Intigai is designed to be unnoticeable to everyone, including the wearer themselves.

Intigai is specially designed and shaped to fit comfortably inside the ear canal so that no one can see it, or even realise it is being worn. Leaving the wearer with all the benefits and enjoyment of fabulous hearing but without drawing any attention to a hearing loss.

Oticon say that Intigai is designed in such a way that it is not only out of sight, but also out of mind. Using the natural curvature of the ear, Oticon Intigai captures sound in the same way that our ears were designed to do. Intigai gently preserves and amplifies sounds so that hearing is always clear - and wearers are free to participate confidently in all communication situations.

As Intigai fits invisibly in the ear, wearers are free to use all the latest modern day devices such as telephones, TV and iPods with total freedom.

At Leightons HearingCare we continually focus on offering the very latest hearing aid technologies from the world leading hearing aid manufacturers. It goes without saying that we have a great range of modern hearing devices at affordable prices but when it comes to invisible hearing aids Intigai from Oticon really is one of the most exciting developments to hit the market ever!.

Keep an eye on the Oticon Hearing Aids section on, for the detailed product specifications and images and to pre-book an appointment to find out more call us for a FREE HEARING ASSESSMENT.

For more information on "Oticon Intigai" call Leightons HearingCare on freephone 0800 40 20 20, or book your free hearing aid demonstration online and we reserve your appointment for you.

Leightons relaunches the website

1st February, 2012

Leightons HearingCare relaunches The new website is not only a new design, but also packed with lots of features to make the users hearingcare journey a better experience.

On the new website, users can now directly interact with the Leightons HearingCare experts on the "Ask An Expert" section. Uers can ask any questions, they might have about hearing loss, hearing aids, or hearing care in general, and the Leightons experts shall provide a prompt, no obligation answer via email.

The website now provides more richer content, with 360 degree product views, information booklet download options and detailed product descriptions.

The users can now also book the Leightons Free Hearing Test or Free Hearing Aid Demonstrations online.


Leightons HearingCare Offers £ 150 Special Discount on Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids Range

4 November 2011

Leightons HearingCare is pleased to announce the Oticon Intiga Special Offer* - £ 150 Off on Oticon Intiga Range.

Quote Code INTOFF150 at any of our 34 Branches and you get,

Free Hearing Test
£ 150 0ff on Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids
Free 5 Years Battery Supply
Free 5 Years Warranty & Aftercare
30 Day Money Back Gurantee

Terms & Conditions

The offer is valid at all the Leightons HearingCare branches till the 31st December, 2011This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, promotions or discounts
During your Free assessment if the Leightons HearingCare Audiologist evaluates that the Oticon Intiga is not an appropriate Hearing Aid Device for your specific requirements, the Discount Code can be applied to other Hearing Aid Devices within the same range as Intiga.

Please call us now on 0800 280 2550 or fill up the contact form to book your Free Hearing Test & Product Demonstration. Kindly quote the Code: INTOFF150.

Leightons HearingCare Is proud to offer the recently launched OTICON INTIGA range - The World's Smallest Fully Wireless Hearing Device!

29 September 2011

intiga banner new
Intiga Banner

Leightons HearingCare is proud to offer the newly launched Oticon Intiga range at all their stores - starting immediately.

oticon intiga
Oticon Intiga

Oticon's Intiga is the world's smallest, fully wireless hearing device and has been tailored to maximize the first-time user's hearing enjoyment and minimize the time and effort often required to adapt to the experience of amplified sound. Everything about Intiga, from its discreet appearance to its automatic signal processing capability, is designed to maximize a successful fitting for the first time user.

Intiga is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The advanced binaural processing supports the way brain processes sound making it easy to distinguish voices and follow conversations. In terms of design, Intiga is the most discreet, comfortable and easy to handle wireless Receiver in the Ear (RITE) hearing instrument due to its naturally rounded shape and clean lines.

The device is currently available in 3 technology levels which make adapting to amplified speech sounds quick and easy. The features for all these 3 levels are listed below:

• Oticon Intiga 10: Speech Guard, Spatial Noise Management, Binaural Processing, Binaural Synchronization, Multiband Adaptive Directionality, Tristate Noise Management, Five Identities and 10 KHz Bandwidth.

• Oticon Intiga 8: Binaural Synchronization, Multiband Adaptive Directionality, TriState Noise Management, Three Identities and 8 KHz Bandwidth

• Oticon Intiga 6: Singleband Adaptive Directionality, Modulation Noise Management, Three Identities and 8 KHz Bandwidth.

The Intiga range comes with Bluetooth capabilities that allow the user to wirelessly connect to cell phones with the addition of the Oticon Streamer. The integration with Oticon ConnectLine, allows audio signals from devices like televisions and landline phones to be streamed directly to the hearing instruments.

Contact any of the Leightons HearingCare Branches for a FREE Oticon Intiga Hearing Aid Demonstration. Call on 0800 280 2550 to book a Product Demonstration or fill the form, here and the Leightons HearingCare team will call you back.

Leightons joins forces with Deafness Research UK

28 April 2011

Leightons HearingCare has always endeavoured to support charities that help people suffering with hearing loss and carry out deafness research. In light of Deaf Awareness Week (2-8 May), Leightons HearingCare has decided to support the event by donating £3 to national charity Deafness Research UK for every hearing aid sold or hearing assessment undertaken throughout the month of May.

"We are extremely grateful to Leightons HearingCare for offering to support us in this way," explained Vivienne Michael, Chief Executive of Deafness Research UK. "Deaf Awareness Week is an important milestone in our fundraising calendar and anything we can do to increase awareness of Deafness while raising much needed funds the better. We have recently launched a new free leaflet on helping people to hear better and such work would not be possible without the help of companies like Leightons and we really do appreciate their efforts on our behalf."

Deafness Research UK has several projects underway aimed at both combating and supporting those suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus, with awareness campaigns in particular aimed at warning of the dangers of loud music delivered via the ear buds of MP3 players. This year's Deaf Awareness Week is an opportunity for Leightons HearingCare and Deafness Research UK to come together to promote the serious issues relating to hearing loss.

"Leightons Hearing Care is only too pleased to be able to offer some help to Deafness Research UK and we are looking forward to supporting them throughout May," said Ryan Leighton from Leightons HearingCare. "We believe Leightons is the best place for people to come and talk about hearing and we seek to support the local communities in which we live and work, so helping a national charity for Deaf Awareness Week seemed a great way to help our customers and the charity's research at the same time and we are looking forward to working with the charity in May."

There has never been a better time to get your hearing checked. Contact Leightons HearingCare this May on 0800 40 20 20 for in-store hearing tests and help Deafness Research UK continue their effort at both combating and supporting those suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus.


Phonak Ceramic digital hearing aids- Smooth to the touch, clear to the ear

19 April 2011

Leightons HearingCare is proud to announce the new range of Phonak Ceramic digital hearing aids. These high-tech ceramics are now available for the first time ever. The space age materials are already extensively used in high- end luxury consumer goods, aerospace applications and medical implants, and now in Phonak digital hearing aids.

High-tech ceramics is one of the most exciting materials to emerge for decades thanks to advances in material engineering and processing technologies. This advance has enabled the development of products that offer superb performance combined with aesthetic appeal, something digital hearing aid manufacturers have been pursuing for decades. Phonak's use of High-tech ceramics gives their digital hearing aids an extremely hard and abrasion-resistant surface while providing a scratch-free shine that lasts for years.

The two worlds of high-end consumer goods and technological material science have been combined to create the Phonak ceramic housing. The advantage of this highly polished finish is that it makes the instrument housing smooth to the touch and offers unmatched comfort when worn behind the ear. Ideal for digital hearing aids, Phonak ceramic quickly reaches and maintains body temperature, which prevents perspiration behind the ear. Also, outstanding hypoallergenic properties make Phonak's ceramic digital hearing aid particularly kind to the skin.

Found within the Phonak ceramic housing is the most sophisticated audio microprocessor in the digital hearing aid industry today. Leightons HearingCare are proud to be able to offer this luxurious, high-tech material in Audéo S SMART IX and V Phonak hearing aids . Contact Leightons HearingCare on 0800 40 20 20 to discuss the many advantages that high-tech ceramic now offers or to book a free hearing test .

New for 2011 - the very latest digital hearing aids, see for yourself with a free hearing aid demonstration

10 January 2011

There are estimated to be about nine million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. This number is steadily rising, due to the nosier world that we live in, and as the number of people aged over 60 increases.

In response to the ever increasing numbers of people suffering from hearing loss, Leightons are continuing to campaign for better hearing, and with the onset of 2011 continue to offer a free hearing test to anyone concerned about their hearing. Leightons are also promoting free hearing aid demonstrations for anyone who is concerned about their hearing, or wants to know more about latest digital hearing aids even if it's just for friends and family.

There are about two million people in the UK who have hearing aids, but another four million who have significant hearing loss, and who experience difficulty and would benefit from hearing aids. With a free hearing aid demonstration from Leightons, even experienced hearing aid wearers or even NHS wearers can sample, feel and listen to the differences of the next generation hearing aids. Leightons take a holistic approach to hearing care rehabilitation, realising that every hearing loss is different and the environment in which people live and work varies again. So in response, Leightons experienced hearing aid audiologists are trained to offer a full hearing consultation that first identifies the different situations in which people live, work and socialise. "Taking the time to understand the specific environments that people are engaging in, and developing a detailed understanding of someone's listening difficulties is where we focus our time during the consultation. This detailed understanding, together with the results of the hearing test, helps us to demonstrate the most suitable digital hearing aids from a variety of leading hearing aid manufacturers and provides the customer with the best range of solutions for all budgets" commented Catriona Husband, Hearing Aid Dispenser with Leightons.


As always the New Year will mark the onset of many new developments in digital hearing aid technology and rehabilitation techniques. Leightons continue to work with all the leading hearing aid manufacturers, such as Oticon, Phonak, Widex and Resound in order to bring the very latest digital hearing aids to their customers as soon as they become available. "We are excited and privileged to be working with the world's most forward thinking hearing aid manufacturers from around the globe, and together with our ongoing commitment to progressing our understanding of hearing loss, this forms the cornerstone of our truly personal customer service. We pride ourselves on being able to offer customers the very latest digital hearing aids, as soon as they become available from around the world", comments Kevin Carlyon, Director of Leightons HearingCare.

smart life

So if you are concerned about your hearing, or your concerned for someone you know, contact Leightons for a free hearing test . If you are interested to see and listen to the very latest in digital hearing aid technology, then contact Leightons for or a free hearing aid demonstration and marvel at just how small, lightweight and clever they have become.